Happy Happy New Year !

Hey everyone! So it's about time to breathe a bit of life back into this blog.  A lot has happened in the last year, the main thing being the birth of our beautiful baby girl Aviana ( Ah-vee-ah-na).


This sweet little whirlwind that has entered our lives is pushing me to new levels everyday. Gone is the era of easy procrastination and day dreaming. When the baby goes down for a nap its time to snap into focus mode boy. The only thing I want for Christmas this year (please!) is an extra pair of hands.....and eyes....eyes would be good too.

So in 2016 I also had a great time art directing some Story Lab projects at Triggerfish, even if I felt like a pregnant whale doing it. Thanks Triggerfish for organising a good chair and entertaining the amount of times I waddled down the stairs to the loo (haha). I had the privilege of working with some AMAZING new artists from Cape Town, Nigeria and even France! 

In addition to that I freelanced with Sunrise Productions again. I have worked small jobs with them in the past but in 2016 it was at a bigger, more creative capacity which was INCREDIBLY fun. Thanks Sunrise for letting me bring Aviana into Creative meetings! 

At the end of the day having a baby has motivated me even more to help create good quality animation content for the future.

So one thing I really want to focus on in 2017 is COLOUR & LIGHTING. Last year I spent a lot of my time developing my explorative sketching skills.  But I also love colour and light and haven't fully rendered a character in a while, so here is to a colour-filled 2017.

So to start off the New Year I chose an old design ( Pharaoh Donkor...haha so proud of that name ) and took him to the next level. There is so much more tweaking I want to do but I have decided to be disciplined with wanting things to be perfect (impossible) and rather just ship things off. 

Below is a quick progression of how I took Donkor from a very stylised 2D design into 3D. There was alot I had to work out. Especially with his face.

I absolutely LOVED getting back into painting and can't wait to do more!