The Dreaded Photoshop Halo - (updated)

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So you've finished your rough sketch and cleaned it up with a crisp line. Your next step is to fill in the shapes ... but the fill doesnt complete and you get a fine halo.

So now you have to take your paint brush tool and colour it out...what a waste of time! 

The one method I stumbled on is so so simple :

Make an outline with the PENCIL tool instead of the BRUSH tool.

And make sure all the pressure sensitivity settings are switched off in the tool bar. Then fill it with the paint bucket and Voila! You never think of this as being a solution because who uses the PENCIL tool? (Seriously I'm curious who uses it?)

I know there are few more methods to eliminate the halo. Please do share as I'd love to update the post!



Thank you so much all who commented on my various social media handles. It was super interesting to read how everyone gets around the issue.

This method shared with me by Ryan_twiggs_vaneyk on instagram is one I have been looking to learn for a while. I've created a mini tutorial below.


1) First Magic Wand the area needing filling.

2) Then go :  SELECT > MODIFY > EXPAND

3) I expanded the selection by 5 PIXELS.

NOTE: You might have to play around to see what works for you as it depends on how bad your halo is and how thick your line work is.

4) You will notice the marquee expands .

5) Create a layer underneath your line work and fill it in with paint bucket tool....awesome!

6) I then went on to create an ACTION Button using this method. It was super easy to hold down SHIFT and marquee inside different shapes, then expand the selection at the touch of one button to fill. 

If you set your ACTION button to expand one pixel, you can just keep clicking it until the marquee is as big as you need it!

For more info on creating ACTION Buttons in PS head over to this ADOBE TUTORIAL.



Happy 2017 !

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Hey everyone! So it's about time to breathe a bit of life back into this blog.  A lot has happened in the last year, the main thing being the birth of our beautiful baby girl Aviana ( Ah-vee-ah-na).


This sweet little whirlwind that has entered our lives is pushing me to new levels everyday. Gone is the era of easy procrastination and day dreaming. When the baby goes down for a nap its time to snap into focus mode boy. The only thing I want for Christmas this year (please!) is an extra pair of hands.....and eyes....eyes would be good too.

So in 2016 I also had a great time art directing some Story Lab projects at Triggerfish, even if I felt like a pregnant whale doing it. Thanks Triggerfish for organising a good chair and entertaining the amount of times I waddled down the stairs to the loo (haha). I had the privilege of working with some AMAZING new artists from Cape Town, Nigeria and even France! 

In addition to that I freelanced with Sunrise Productions again. I have worked small jobs with them in the past but in 2016 it was at a bigger, more creative capacity which was INCREDIBLY fun. Thanks Sunrise for letting me bring Aviana into Creative meetings! 

At the end of the day having a baby has motivated me even more to help create good quality animation content for the future.

So one thing I really want to focus on in 2017 is COLOUR & LIGHTING. Last year I spent a lot of my time developing my explorative sketching skills.  But I also love colour and light and haven't fully rendered a character in a while, so here is to a colour-filled 2017.

So to start off the New Year I chose an old design ( Pharaoh Donkor...haha so proud of that name ) and took him to the next level. There is so much more tweaking I want to do but I have decided to be disciplined with wanting things to be perfect (impossible) and rather just ship things off. 

Below is a quick progression of how I took Donkor from a very stylised 2D design into 3D. There was alot I had to work out. Especially with his face.

I absolutely LOVED getting back into painting and can't wait to do more!


Advanced Coloring Book!

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So as the holiday season rolls round things are starting to get a little crazy.  It's been quite a year so far! I participated at the Annecy Animation Festival in France ( awesome response at MIFA ) and have been working as a Production Designer at Triggerfish Animation Studios in sunny Cape Town for the last little while. It had left little time for the blog updates (my bad)....BUT one thing I have managed to spend spare time working on is my own version of an advanced coloring book!

I first heard about these only  2 months ago, but apparently they have been sweeping the globe for a while now. I  researched more into them intrigued and found out that this 'fad' apparently had it therapeutic uses too. Art therapy through coloring books can be used to help people de-stress, deal with anxiety issues and  trauma to name a few on a long list. I thought that was amazing!

So one month later here I am with 20 illustrations and a plan to launch the book sale at UCON 2015 next weekend. I have to say it was almost therapy in itself creating these. I had alot of fun coming up with the ideas and sculpting the lines. I hope everyone has just as much fun coloring it.

These will be released on my Etsy store for the international market about a week from now. I will post the update here first.

Meanwhile here are some samples!  Have a lovely week :)

ColoringBook_THE COLLECTION_V03_clean_smlsml.jpg

Annecy 2015

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The Crash, by my friend Julia Smuts Louw got selected to be pitched at the Annecy Animation Festival / MIFA 2015 international pitch focus this year wo0hoo! Here's some art I quickly put together for the pitch.  

The Story:

When the rhino herd's patriarch Spike is de-horned, his self-esteem is shattered. But when his daughter Bianca takes it upon herself to find out why rhinos are disappearing, he discovers that there are worse things than losing one's dignity.

For more info please check out these links:




We are heading to France this weekend wohoo, wish us luck ! :)



Evil Pharaoh

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Xerxes was cut from the sharpest of Steel
Witty and heartless he'll hear no appeal
His evil intent strikes fear into all
A malicious Pharaoh who they'd like to see fall


Docile Pharaoh

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'The docile Pharaoh Donkor a collector of things
Not the brightest of sparks or aggressive of kings
Not a fly he will harm or a mean word inferred
A frustrating ruler with the brain of a bird'


Fabulous Pharaoh

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He reigned during the New Kingdom Dynasties.
Introducing The Fabulous Pharaoh King Nessees.
Without a care in the world he'd spend all his deben,
On the finest fabric found only in Yemen.


Fat Pharaoh !

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' Pears from Persia and grapes from Greece. 
Berries from Babylon and a few herbal leafs. 
Fat King Tut enjoys his culinary conquests.'

Happy 2015 everyone!!! :D Starting off my posting this year with some funny Pharaoh Characters created with pen & ink. Here is the first one. Hope you enjoy!

Meeting ZAPIRO @ Open Book

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What a great weekend at Open Book Comic Fest! Got to meet alot of great artists and even one of my all time favorite political cartoonists 'ZAPIRO' who is quite the icon here in South Africa. To check out his stuff head to: http://www.zapiro.com/

Learned a lot as Open Book was my first time exhibiting ever. Cant wait now for the next festival / Convention :) Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

To check out photos from the event please check out my : Facebook Album

New Designs for Open Book 2014

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Hi everyone, these are some designs that will be debuting at Open Book Comics Fest 2014. My printing is all done (finally) and now just packaging everything nicely and getting on with the last of the preparations.

This will be my first time having a stall and selling my art, it's a lot more work than it looks phew!  Daz and I are going to be at the Fugard Theatre from 9am to 9pm on Saturday (that is one long day!) and then 10am to 5pm and the Sunday. But super, super excited, looking forwards to meeting all the other artists and of course all you lovely festival goers too.

Open Book Comic Fest its free entry! And there is going to be a lot of awesome art to see so why not take a moment out of your weekend to stop by and say hi!