Advanced Coloring Book! (Sold out)

So as the holiday season rolls round things are starting to get a little crazy.  It's been quite a year so far! I participated at the Annecy Animation Festival in France ( awesome response at MIFA ) and have been working as a Production Designer at Triggerfish Animation Studios in sunny Cape Town for the last little while. It had left little time for the blog updates (my bad)....BUT one thing I have managed to spend spare time working on is my own version of an advanced coloring book!

I first heard about these only  2 months ago, but apparently they have been sweeping the globe for a while now. I  researched more into them intrigued and found out that this 'fad' apparently had it therapeutic uses too. Art therapy through coloring books can be used to help people de-stress, deal with anxiety issues and  trauma to name a few on a long list. I thought that was amazing!

So one month later here I am with 20 illustrations and a plan to launch the book sale at UCON 2015 next weekend. I have to say it was almost therapy in itself creating these. I had alot of fun coming up with the ideas and sculpting the lines. I hope everyone has just as much fun coloring it.

These will be released on my Etsy store for the international market about a week from now. I will post the update here first.

Meanwhile here are some samples!  Have a lovely week :)

ColoringBook_THE COLLECTION_V03_clean_smlsml.jpg