Pharaohs...dumb, fabulous & fat!

Happy 2015 everyone!!! :D Starting off my posting this year with some funny Pharaoh Characters created with pen & ink. Here is the first one. Hope you enjoy!

Dumb Pharaoh

'The docile Pharaoh Donkor a collector of things

Not the brightest of sparks or aggressive of kings

Not a fly he will harm or a mean word inferred

A frustrating ruler with the brain of a bird"


Fabulous Pharaoh

He reigned during the New Kingdom Dynasties.

Introducing The Fabulous Pharaoh King Nessees.

Without a care in the world he'd spend all his deben,

On the finest fabric found only in Yemen.


Fat Pharaoh !

' Pears from Persia and grapes from Greece. 

Berries from Babylon and a few herbal leafs. 

Fat King Tut enjoys his culinary conquests.'