1000 Drawings Cape Town

Lorraine Alvarez PosenComment

My sis Jodie and I spotted one of my doodles! 

Drawings, drawings everywhere!

Draw anything with anything on anything. 1000 drawings is an empowerment project that culminates in a one-night-only, massive inner-city art sale to raise funds for a deserving cause. Daz and I participated in a few doodle Sessions and it was so amazing to finally see this huge event come together at last. 

It's so interesting to see what people draw when given the chance haha, everyone could participate from a famous artist to a small child. It was a real visual feast.

Managed to spot a few of me and Daz's doodles too before they were snatched up! :) The way it worked was at the door you were given an envelope with two stickers ( both had the same number on them ) you would then walk around browsing till you found something you liked- BUT you could only tag the one you wanted with a sticker at 7pm. So there were alot of people hovering over drawings but no cat fights... as far as I saw anyways haha. Then at 8:30 you could collect your drawing and put it in an envelope. You also had the option of buying more if you wanted.

It was really enjoyable and I dont doubt alot of money was raised well done Shani and

 team ! :)

For more photos please visit my facebook album:

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