Repap Stone Paper Review

Lorraine Alvarez Posen2 Comments

So a quick review on the REPAP STONE PAPER from Italy:

It's extremely smooth and all media slides over it nicely but a few things I have noticed:

- Pencil - It is very very hard to erase any type of pencil on this paper. Be especially careful when using a clutch pencil as when you push too hard it makes an indentation.

- Marker - These surprisingly do bleed into the paper a millimeter or two so if you want to use a really thin marker pen be aware of that.

- Artist Pen - This was my favorite to use on this paper. You just have to be careful to let it dry a couple seconds or you will smear your art.

- Normal Ball Point pen - Slides super smoothly over the paper but also most likely leave indentations if you press too hard.

- Water just sits on top of it. I left a few drops sitting there for a couple of minutes and then just wiped them off no problem. They left no marks.

- Paper thickness - The paper is slightly transparent so if you press too hard or use alot of marker color it will show on the reverse side.

My final thoughts: 

Beginners who like to use pencil and erase alot will not like this paper as it's more suited to confident penwork. I'm not really impressed by how transparent it is as this leaves the reverse side unusable. It's a pleasure to draw on though because of its smoothness....and hey if you spill your tea on it you just have to wipe it off!

This was just an initial test on one page. I'm going to start using the rest of the sketchbook and post more thoughts once I've been sketching in it for a while.

If anyone else experiments with Repap please let me know what you think!